Why promote your product on social media?

As you are probably already aware, social media influencer marketing has been a huge business in recent years. It allows your product to be showcased to personalised, targeted and engaging audiences so that you can get your product is seen and have some well-deserved brand awareness.


Using the right social media marketing strategy can lead to better SEO, higher conversion rates, increased traffic and improved brand loyalty and recognition. There are virtually no reasons not to implement social media promotions into your marketing strategy. Seen as it is so cost-effective, there is very little to lose. Your competitors are already most likely using targeted creators to showcase their products, so don’t let them take your potential buyers. The sooner you start, the sooner you will reap the benefits.


Why choose me?

I am confident that I can create high quality & engaging content to help showcase your product to my roughly 7400 strong audience. Having your product featured on an aesthetically pleasing feed, with high-end imagery to an audience that listens and trusts what I have to say, can be fantastic exposure for your product and brand.


However, If I am being totally honest with you (which I will always be), due to the algorithmic changes to Instagram over the last few years, my page doesn’t quite perform how it used to.


However, that is nothing to worry about because by applying a small amount of budget to the post to help boost its reach, we can easily combat this issue. Facebook/Instagram love people that pay (Which is 75% of the problem) and even though I still believe reach should be naturally given to high-quality content, the system does not work like that anymore. By providing £20+ into the budget you can vastly increase the reach of the post and have it perform to its deserved potential.


My family, friends and followers respect my opinion, so if I say your product is good, they will believe what I say! So if you are interested in having your product featured on my Instagram feed then you know what to do!


I am also heavily involved within the UK Instagram community and can put you in touch with some of the best and most influential outdoor creators that this country has to offer.


So what are you waiting for, lets collaborate!


CONTACT ME Let’s work together!

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