Why use VR?

Utilising virtual reality can help your business take leaps far beyond the rest. Whether that be for training, tourism, healthcare, real estate, marketing material, education or even sports!


The potential added value and uses from the application of VR to your business is only limited by your imagination. It can help to reduce costs, improve training, educate and showcase your business in a completely immersive and unique way. Using VR within your business can add some serious competitive advantage.


With Facebook doubling down on VR and AR with the “Metaverse”, this technology is not going away anytime soon. The sooner people open their eyes to the advantages of using this tech, the better.


Why pick me?

I have been in the world of 360° for 6-7 years now. I was involved in a start-up many years ago that used immersive technology and I have never looked back since. Even though that company may be no more, I have since started a Non-Profit Community Interest Company called Project Vae that is trying to use VR for good!


I have owned VR headsets for many years now and love immersing myself in a completely different world. This means that I not only love this tech on a business level but also on a deeply personal level too.


I believe my technical and practical knowledge of this ever-growing industry can help you to utilise this immersive technology and help to take your business to the next level. So, what are you waiting for, let me help you utilise what VR can offer!

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